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You’ve taken the first step on the path to lasting weight loss and better health. We realize that your busy schedule and everyday obligations make it difficult to implement healthy behavior changes on your own. Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) is an online tool that can help you face this challenge and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

VLM is different from other programs you may have tried in the past. It focuses on incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine, and it provides tools to track your progress and maintain motivation. VLM’s health coaches offer online guidance and support to help you achieve your weight-loss goal. You can complete the program at home and at your own pace.

“VLM helps you change your lifestyle. It is not a fad diet – VLM works!” 
– VLM user

If you’re ready to get healthy with the support of VLM Click Here to complete your enrollment form. You can also explore this website to learn more about the program.

And while you’re at it, get rewarded for your healthy activities! Visit the GEHA website and sign up for our Health Rewards program. Complete our quick and easy Health Risk Assessment to earn points to be redeemed for health-related prizes.
We are happy that you've committed to losing weight and improving your health.
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"Life is better now than it has ever been. Together with VLM, I found success when I couldn't find it anywhere else before."

-Gordy, age 63 has lost 71 pounds so far.


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